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Tuesday & Wednesday:  10- 6pm

Thursday & Friday:         10 - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday:        12 - 4pm


Tuesday & Friday:            10 - 5pm

Saturday:                          12 - 4pm

Children can borrow books and DVDs during Main Library Hours.

RHYME TIME - suggested £3 per child:

  • Tuesdays at 10.30 with Cara

  • Fridays at 10.30 with Sasha

Monday & Bank Holidays : LIBRARY CLOSED

07 February 2017

Spring Book Sale 22nd April 10am-4pm Free Entry

Announcing the next GIANT BOOK SALE

All proceeds help the Library.

If you want to donate - please see below

If you have been before, then you will know that we  have about 3,000 books on sale with a huge range of subjects. We also have children's books. See below

The books we sell are virtually all fresh donations; we sell very few "ex-library" books (other than some children's books).

Our great team works hard before the sale to weed out all the donations to leave only those in good or perfect conditions. All the others are ...sent away...! As a result, we offer a very high standard for sale which we improve each time.

Prices start at 50p for our "bargains"  and some children's books. Typically from £2 for paperbacks; some books are marked up as "special" - typically the big Art Books and signed books.

Donations:  We rely on donations to keep the library full of the high quality and range that our community now expects.

So please keep the donations coming.

We request  that Donated Items meet the following:

  • Have a bar code on the cover or spine.
  • Hardbacks have the original dust jacket
  • Are in decent condtion - please, no missing or brown pages or ripped covers


Regretably, we do NOT take:

  • Encyclopediae (no demand at all and heavy to dispose of )
  • Foreign language books (too specialist)
  • Travel books more than 5 years old (would you want one???)
  • Text books (immediately out of date)
  • Magazines - individual or a collection (no demand)

What we do with donations: Donated books ( and DVDs and COs please) are sorted. Some go onto the shelves as new books or replacement copies in better condtion; duplicates and others not so well suited are put on sale in the library and into the Giant  books sales twice a year; Those failing the quality test are sent for on-line sales through a specialist.

Categories at our Giant Book Sales include:

  • DVDs/CDs
  • Children's books - baby to teen
  • Crime Fiction
  • Other Fiction
  • History
  • Classics
  • Biography
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Travel
  • Languages
  • Humour/ Plays/ Theatre etc
  • Science Fiction/Horror./Fantasy