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Children can borrow books and DVDs during Main Library Hours.

RHYME TIME - suggested £3 per child:

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  • Fridays at 10.30 with Sasha

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24 April 2017

Spring Book Sale SUCCESS!

Saturday' Sale was a big success  - book sales provide 10% of our income!!!


Huge thanks to everybody who donated books and DVDs for our April book sale. 


We took many fine items into our stock as new items or to replace popular worn out books.

Thank you also to the buyers who make it all work with their loyalty to the library.

Just to remind you, we have books on sale all the time so you should visit reguarly to see the latest!

Next Big Sale is in October and you can buy books all the time in the Library so please keep those donations coming.


And of course thanks to the team of volunteers who put out 3000 books sorted by genre all in 2 hours !!