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23 January 2024

Last few items from KCL Art Fair March 2024

The Art Fair on 22nd/23rd March was amazing


Friday's launch was very busy although perhaps the wine helped. Saturday was busy all day with streams of people coming off the Heath as well as by invitation. It looks as though we have our posters in the right places at last.

The exhibotirs were delighted with the space, layout and the attendance.  Sales were decent all day and most sold something.


We still have a few pictures owned by KCL available to buy.




Really charming original Water colours  by Hanna Weill   - to read about the artist  see below.  All are priced at £295, offered framed as seen.  Quite large - 60 -70cm wide, details on request




Hanna Weil 1921-2011

Hanna Weil was born in Munich in 1921, and emigrated with her parents to London in 1932. Raised in the Hampstead Garden Suburb, she was educated at The North London Collegiate, "An excellent education. I just loathed every minute of it". She then studied at St Martin's School of Art. Offered a place at The Royal College of Art, she declined it, because, following the outbreak of war, it had been relocated to "the barren waste of North Yorkshire." Instead she joined the Wrens, "because I liked the black stockings". In 1946,

following her marriage, "I went on Honeymoon with my Papa as my husband still had a German passport and couldn't go".

For more than thirty years, she lived in the heart of Hampstead, painting and exhibiting in London and Europe.  Among the galleries that showed her work were the Royal Academy, the Portal Gallery, and the Leicester Galleries in London. In Germany she exhibited at the Charlotte Gallery in Munich. Her work can be seen in the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum and the Wandsworth Museum. As architectural subject matter was an early passion, in the 60's she was commissioned by London Transport to produce images of The Tower of London and Hampton Court. These iconic posters are still available from the London Transport Museum.

Her work was for sale through the Louise Kosman Gallery in Edinburgh.       Hanna Weil's work has been sold at auction by:

Doyle New York

Waddington's Canada


Keys Fine Art

Biddle & Webb




Keats Community Library would like to express our gratitude to Shuey Delaney, Hanna’s daughter, for the generous donation of these pictures to raise funds to enable us to stay open.



          Mychael Barratt  Life Imitating Art.  There are 8 classic artists depicted on the picture   £250  Signed Print 93 x 77cms