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KCL Talks

These are presentations given in support of Keats Community Library. If you like them please tell your friends us.   Our grateful thanks to the presenters who give their time so generously.


KCL  exists because people donate! Please help - see our donate button here.  Thank you and enjoy the talks.

Trump, a time of Turbulance: Prof. Mark White

Event Recorded on the 15th October 2020

This talk will seek to put Trump in a proper historical perspective by considering him in the context of modern American political history. For content, I will consider Trump?s rise to power, his presidency and the election campaign of 2020. I will dwell on the factors that should determine the outcome of the election."



The Ratline

Event Recorded on the 5th June 2020

Published in April 2020, in this new book from the author of "East West Street", Philippe Sands offers a unique account of the daily life of a senior Nazi and fugitive, and of his wife. Drawing on a remarkable archive of family letters and diaries, he unveils a fascinating insight into life before and during the war, on the run, in Rome, and into the Cold War. Eventually, the door is unlocked to a mystery that haunts Wachter's youngest son, who continues to believe his father was a good man - what happened to Otto Wachter, and how did he die?



Window into Opera

Event Recorded on the 24th November

This video is a recording of the Keats recital from professional young operatic artists in the winter of 2016. Here you can see performance and interviews with the artists explaining the Opera Experience and their journey into performing Opera. Hopefully it will inspire you to attend future recitals and discover more about Opera


Jette Parker Young Artists

Event Recorded on the 24th November



Professor Mark White

Event Recorded on the 16th May 2013

Professor Mark White's talk on the image of John F Kennedy was so well received last year that we have asked him to return in the lead up to the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Mark is a riveting speaker and we urge you not to miss this opportunity to hear an expert on the subject and exchange views afterwords


Sara Wheeler

Event Recorded on the 11th April 2013

Sara Wheeler rediscovered America thirty-five years after her first Greyhound trip across the country. She returns in turbulent midlife to trace the steps of six women who fled various sorts of trouble in nineteenth-century England and went to the United States to reinvent themselves.


Deborah Moggach

Event Recorded on the 21st February 2013

We are delighted to welcome Deborah Moggach, one of our Patrons, to speak about her much anticipated new book Heartbreak Hotel which will be published in February. Deborah is currently writing a TV adaptation of her new book, following the huge success of the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which was based on her novel These Foolish Things.

Deborah also wrote the screenplay of the BAFTA nominated television series of Pride and Prejudice. As we celebrate the bicentenary of the publication of Jane Austen's book, we have asked Deborah to share the insight this has given her.


Michael Palin

Event Recorded on the 9th October 2012

Michael Palin needs no introduction. He is an ardent supporter and Patron of our library and has kindly agreed to come and talk about his new book and TV series on Brazil