Opening Hours


Tuesday & Wednesday:  10- 6pm

Thursday & Friday:         10 - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday:        12 - 4pm


Tuesday & Friday:            10 - 5pm

Saturday:                          12 - 4pm

Children can borrow books and DVDs during Main Library Hours.

RHYME TIME - suggested £3 per child:

  • Tuesdays at 10.30 with Cara

  • Fridays at 10.30 with Sasha

Monday & Bank Holidays : LIBRARY CLOSED

Our Patrons & Supporters

Supporters, Donors and Patrons

We are very grateful to the those many people who have generously supported their local library.

We have too many wonderful supporters to list all of them. In addition to those shown below, we are tremendously grateful to the many individuals and local businesses who give their time and money whom we do not identify here.

KCL would like to thank the following local schools for their generosity and patronage: Christ Church Primary School, Devonshire House Prep School, Fitzjohns Primary School, Hampstead Hill School, Maria Montessori School, New End School, and University College School (Junior School)

Last, but not least, are all the wonderful speakers and performers who have given so much pleasure to our community and while doing so helped us raise funds to contribute to the running costs of the Library.

All gave their time generously and we really appreciate their support.



Major Supporters


    HSF  has made the Library a beneficiary  Summer Festivals from 2013. From Summer 2016, the other beneficiary is the Hampstead School of Art.

KLC provides support towards this wonderful community event to help make  the Festivals such a sucess.

In 2018, the Hampstead Summer Festival was an outstanding success raising £12,000 for KCL and the same amount for the Hampstead School of Art.


Community Infrastrucure Levy (CIL) 2016

KCL applied for a grant under the government's CIL programme which replaces the Section 106 levy and is administered by Camden Council. CIL arises out of developments in each ward of each council and 25% can be directed to local projects as supported by the relevant Councilors. KCL is in Hampstead Town ward which had one major development releasing significant funds for the ward.

With the steadfast support of our 3 councillors, Camden Council Officers and a community that voted to support our proposals, we were top of the list alongside our friends at Burgh House.

We were awarded our full request of £12,850 which has been used to

  • Improve the Children's Library by replacing worn our books and adding new titles, replacement furniture and trolleys and even new toys to replace our worn out ones.
  • Overhaul our neglected Large Print books section by buying some much newer books - which are normally too expensive to consider;
  • Add new Audio CDs and spoken books to modernise the section. These are also beconming expensive and there is considerable demand
  • Replace  worn out furniture and fittings - so far all the chairs are new and tables will follow; we have a custom built librarian's cupboard containing our DVDs in a secure drawer.
  • Replace the displays of DVDs and Sale books with more suitable mobile stands
  • Put in a dishwasher in the kitchen to help with washing up the children's beakers after each Rhyme time and also glasses and mugs at higher temperatures than our hands allow!
  • Bought lighing for events - still under trial
  • Instal a hearing aid loop to the Nightingale Room to allow those with aids to enjoy the talks even for the lower volume speakers! 
  • Add a replacement portable PA system that works.

This all took longer than expected and one of two items have been returned as unsuitable and we are looking at replacements.


Overall, it has allowed us to make some serious upgardes, not always visible to the casual visitor but improving faciliites for the future.


University of the 3rd Age in London  - U3A in London  

We are delighted to announce that U3A in London, based on the Hampstead Town Hall, have generously awarded grants to a number of local charities and have kindly chosen to include their local library KCL.

We shall use our grant to:

  • contribute towards the costs of an apprentice in 2017
  • allow free use in 2017  of DVD (previously £1.50)  free for the intital one week period. This has resulted in over 100% increase in use of the  DVD library at a time when DVD use generally is falling quickly
  • Support most of our literary events in the library to pay for the room hire charge and help us reduce the admission price.


Courses at U3A in London are very popular and extremely varied. As with KCL, U3A and the courses are entirely run by volunteers. We have put out brochures on joining U3A together with lists of their events and sessions. The best place to see it all is on their website :

or call on 020 7692 5440 . They can be found at Old Town Hall,   213, Haverstock Hill,  London NW3 4QP


Osbornes law have been generously supporting community events in the library in 2017 and 2018.

Thanks to them, KCl is able to take more risks in offering a variety of events, essential when there is so much "competition" from other local bodies to provide cultural events.

Osbornes have a Hampstead Office to widen the access by clients to their expanding practice.

Please see their website:


Honourary Patrons:

  • David Baddiel
  • Lord Bragg
  • Simon Callow
  • Dame Margaret Drabble
  • Alan Hollinghurst
  • Anthony Horowitz
  • Jeremy Karpel
  • Sir Andrew Motion
  • Deborah Moggach
  • Michael Palin
  • Sue Perkins
  • Dame Janet Suzman