Opening Hours


Tuesday & Wednesday:  10- 6pm

Thursday & Friday:         10 - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday:        12 - 4pm


Tuesday & Friday:            10 - 5pm

Saturday:                          12 - 4pm

Children can borrow books and DVDs during Main Library Hours.

RHYME TIME - suggested £3 per child:

  • Tuesdays at 10.30 with Cara

  • Fridays at 10.30 with Sasha

Monday & Bank Holidays : LIBRARY CLOSED

Renew Books on line

You can renew most  books on line PROVIDED they are not already overdue or reserved by another reader . If you cannot renew on line, please phone us on 020 7431 1266 or send an email.

Please note that you can only renew twice (for a maximum loan period of 9 weeks)  after which we ask that the book should be avaialble to others.


To renew a book, first select "Search Our Catalogue" on the left side of the Home Page of this  website:

This takes you to the live catalogue page with the Library Name in GREEN. See image below

Now Log in to your account as follows:

1) Enter your reader number (from your library card and including the "R" at the beginning) in the box on the right side under "Reader Code". Include a 0 (zero)  if you have one. Your reader number could be R01234 or R5678

2) Press "Login" You should now see your name shown in blue.

3) Click your name and you will be taken to a page with your loans shown.


To renew a loan:

  1. Tick the item(s) on the right hand side next  to "renewal".
  2. Then click "Renew" above the book list.
  3. You should have a new date shown. We suggest you write that on the slip in the book to remind you of the new date!
  4. Now log out.