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Tuesday & Friday:            10 - 5pm

Saturday:                          12 - 4pm

Children can borrow books and DVDs during Main Library Hours.

RHYME TIME - suggested £3 per child:

  • Tuesdays at 10.30 with Cara

  • Fridays at 10.30 with Sasha

Monday & Bank Holidays : LIBRARY CLOSED

27 April 2019

Spring Book Sale - 11th May 2019. 10 to4pm

It's Spring again and time to review the books! 

Here is a 4 part simple plan leading up to the book sale on 11th May. Open from 10am to 4pm

1)   Look at your own books and DVDs  to  see which of them to donate # to the Library. 

We rely ENTIRELY on donations from the community - one or a thousand are all welcome.

No book is wasted!

Some go onto the shelves and some are sold at the sale. Even those left are sent for on-line sales....

2)   Bring in the donations at any time the library is open

We are ready NOW!

3)  Put Saturday 11th May in your diary or phone and tell your friends!

We will have 1000's of books of all genres on sale, all in good condition, all preseorted by our team.

Prices start as low as 50p; most at £2/3 with "specials" such as beautiful Art Books a little more.

NB: we check all all for condition in advance and we do not  sell our ex-library books in our sale.

4)  Come and chose books for you, your family and for friends.

No entry charge so you can just browse at your leisure.

We take plastic as well as cash

# We take all decent (that is not dirty or moldy!)  books. Not all will be put on sale.

Sadly those lovely encyclopedia volumes have been replaced by the internet and we cannot take them. 

We are often asked about magazines  and catalogues. We cannot find space for them and just throw them away. If you  sell them on Ebay, you can donate the procees directly to the library.