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04 July 2023

The Hampstead Summer Festival 2023

The Hampstead Summer Festival is now over for 2023. It was wonderful to be able to offer the range of events over the weeks.

Starting with the Art Fair on the 18th June at Keat House Garden which had a spot of rain but allowed us to stay open until15 minutes before the end. Visitors were fine but we had to take it down in the rain. Fortunately it was warm! 


The 23/4th June saw the return of Drama Impact to the Garden, this year with 3 performances of Macbeth, in the round. It was sold out in advance with people seeing the large posters and hearing from attendees at previous plays here. So sad to turn people away so next time, more performances and perhaps more chairs.


The Keats Community Library Garden Party was back on the 25th June. Our 12 party maintained its reputation for excellent weather with a great range of activites to keep the kids happy while the adults could enjoy cold wine.  "Best  Garden Party we have been to for ages" . Many kids saw birds of prey for the first time in their lives.


Last, the Big Fair was back on Heath Street after an all too long absence. And it was just as if we had never paused. Good numbers all day but never too crowded. Music to boogie to and even better stalls selling interesting items.  Food consumption justified by the variety of the stand offers.


This Festival contributes the largest single share of our funding and is vital to keep the Library going. The other beneficiary the Hampstead School of Art also share with us and can bring its art and artist to even more people.

Many thanks to all who helped in big or small ways to make it happen and above all to the sponsors in Hampstead.