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14 November 2021

Think Like a Vegan. Zoom with Emilia Leese 2nd December

2nd December at 7.30pm

A hard hitting discussion on a subject of ever more relevance to all of us. While you may not be Vegan your friends and relatives will be! 

Find out about the logic behind the movement, the issues it raises and how to discuss it from co-author and expert Emilia Leese.


Zoom only.  You need to buy a £5 ticket on line. You will then be sent the joining codes nearer the talk.  To buy Click this LINK to


According to the latest figures, the number of vegans in the UK has more than quadrupled since 2014, now representing over 1 per cent of the total population. With the rise in plant-based foods and cruelty-free products increasing rapidly, Think Like a Vegan explores how vegan ethics can be applied to every area of our daily lives.

We all want to live more healthily and ethically, and this book is certainly not just for vegans. It’s for anyone interested in veganism, its ideals and what even non-vegans can learn from its practice. Through a personal and often irreverent lens, the authors explore a variety of contemporary topics related to animal use: from the basics of vegan logic to politics, economics, love and other aspects of being human, each chapter draws you into a thought-provoking conversation about your daily ethical decisions.

Why should we adopt animals?
What’s the problem with organic meat?
What are the economics of plant-based foods?
What about honey?
What is the relationship between veganism and feminism?


We hope to encourage a lively discussion!